A downloadable game for Windows

My entry for the YogsCast GameJam 2020. Built using MonoGame.

Post Jam Update:

Now with extra Yogs, extra furniture, extra rooms, and less bugs!

Build YogTowers from the ground up in this retro management sim. Build offices, hire staff, earn money, build more offices, and extend YogTowers into the sky and beyond.

Hire 27 from different Yogs available, each with their own randomised personalities, skills and demands. No two games are the same!

Build and Furnish 5 different types of room with 12 different types of furniture.

Balance the needs of your staff. Keep them fed too, or starvation lurks around the corner.

Level Up your employees the longer they work for you. But beware. They may start to develop an ego.

Discover the Christmas surprise once your tower exceeds 15 storeys.

Listen to the funkiest damn Kevin Macleod music you've ever heard.

Cheat to get the surprise quickly by pressing the Insert key to get a load of free money! (I know you're all busy people)

Install instructions

Download and extract the attached Zip file and run YogTower.exe.

This project was built with MonoGame using OpenGL so should be cross-platform compatible with Mac and Linux. I've nothing here to test that with, but give it a shot and let me know!


YogTowers_Final_PostJam.zip 12 MB


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This is awesome. Works perfectly on a Mac after downloading the mono runtime (and a couple of security warnings about unsigned dylibs).


This works flawlessly in linux using wine! Good job with the whole game :)

so cool, kinda fantastic