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Alan Brindley is going on holidays and has nobody to look after his young son, Lewis. That is, until you showed up! Now for 2 weeks you're in charge of Lewis Brindley's life. Pick what he eats, where he goes, whether he shaves his beard or irons his clothes. Just be careful not to  let him starve!

My entry for the 2019 Yogscast GameJam. The theme was "Giving", so what better example than giving your love and care to a starving, young lebanese child and guiding him through life's tribulations. Presented in glorious GameBoy colours and resolution in accordance with the competition's 2 Girls 1 CPU modifier.


Use the Arrow keys to navigate the menus and the Enter/Space key to select things.


Buy the Gaming PC as soon as you can afford it, as streaming gives you both money and fun. Also, explore early and often to find new activities to choose from or items to buy.

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GenreSimulation, Role Playing
TagsGame Boy, Life Simulation, Management, Retro, yogscastgamejam

Install instructions

Extract the PocketLewis folder from the zip file to any location, open it and run Game.exe


PocketLewis.zip 85 MB

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